Connecting Brands and People


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Using social science and research, Brand Champs achieves successful rebranding,  digital communication, content marketing and social media marketing initiatives that connect your brand with people. 


Your brand needs to engage people.  Using Brand Reflection┬«, our proprietary branding and rebranding process, we facilitate your team through behavioral and branding exercises to identify the most motivational aspects of your brand.  During the process, we also delve into the needs and desires of people.  Using completed Brand Reflection┬« modules, we develop a Brand Creative Map to guide creative in all forms of communication. 


Your brand needs emotional connections with people to motivate their behavior.  When people hear and see stories about your brand, instead of functional facts, their brain reacts to the emotional aspects of how your brand will positively impact their lives.  Using human behavioral insights; identifying the emotional needs of people; and discovering your brand story logline; we develop a Brand Story Map that

guides all messaging.