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Behaviorists, Brand Strategists, Authors

         Bill Lytle
Bill is a behaviorist, brand strategist,
author and co-founder of Brand Champs.

He helps brands develop long lasting relationships with people by identifying the motivational aspects of the brand – the human aspects – and aligning them with people’s emotional needs. 

Using his experience in the feature film business, Bill develops Brand Creative Maps and Brand Story Maps that guide a brand’s creative and messaging across all forms of communication. 

Bill’s area of expertise includes facilitating branding and rebranding initiatives using the proprietary Brand Champs process, Brand Reflection®.  He leads brands in identifying their lead personality, story, dimension, positioning and tagline. 

Because of his unique skill set and entertaining style, Bill is a frequent speaker at brand and organization events.  His presentations include multiple engagements at Temple University and the Southwest Tourism College. 

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Fran Lytle

                                         Fran is a behaviorist, brand strategist, author and co-

                                         founder of Brand Champs.  She helps brands engage

                                         people by aligning psychology, gender-specific and

                                         generation-specific behavioral insights with the

                                         human aspects of a brand. 

Her expertise includes implementing successful branding and rebranding initiatives; developing emotional brand storytelling; and creating engaging content & social media marketing programs. 

Fran is recognized as an expert in developing and implementing gender and generation-specific marketing initiatives – most notably, initiatives that engage Women, Millennials & Boomers. 

She shares actionable insights through the popular Brand Champs blog and is a guest writer for Launch & Hustle, Global Media and Provident4Women.  Her insights and tips to help brands engage Women, Moms, Millennials and Boomers have been published in Social Media Today.   

Contact Fran via, connect with her on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter